Saturday, October 4, 2014

Stash Saturday- NARS

Happy Stash Saturday everyone! This week I'm featuring NARS Cosmetics polishes. They retail for $20, and can be found on the NARS website. Recently, NARS has updated their polish formula, bottle, and brush shape. I am especially excited about the new brush and the removable cap.
Top- No Flash, Bottom- Flash
See my collection, some swatches, and the new bottle design and brush after the break!

For all the bottle photos, the top row is taken without flash, the bottom row with.
Minis L to R- Chelsea Girls, Super Orgasm, Soup Can, Silver Factory, It, Back Room
L to R- Ratin Jot, Anardana, Lal Mirchi, TV Party, Ethno Run Left, Orgasm
L to R- Amchoor, 15 Minutes, Shark Left, Desperado, MASH, Platoon
L to R- Thasos, Kutki, Koliary, Ikiru, Superstar, Dark Room
L to R- Ethno Run Right, Purple Rain, New York Dolls, Sharks Right, Kalymnos, Manosque
L to R- Storm Bird, Disco Inferno
Comparison between Sharks Right (Left) and Kalymnos (Right)
 Kalymnos is the new formula and brush style, Sharks Right is the older. Sharks is more opaque, and darker than Kalymnos.
Comparison between Superstar (Left) and Dark Room (Right)
Neither of these wanted to photograph completely true to color. Dark Room is the new formulation, Superstar the old. Superstar leans more teal. Both are excellent formula. Superstar is opaque in two coats, Dark Room can be opaque in one thick coat.

Brush comparisons. New (Ikuru) on the left, old (Koliary) on the right.
The new NARS brush and cap are awesome. They've followed in the design that Dior and Chanel use, which allows for easier handling of the brush. One great thing about the removable square cap is that once the polish is twisted close, the square cap can be lined up perfectly with the bottle. It's more aesthetically appealing. The new brush is also a lot easier to manipulate, and creates a cleaner line around cuticle.

What are your favorite NARS polishes? Have you tried out the new formula? Any comparisons you want me to show you? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to follow for more Stash Saturdays!



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