Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Marc Jacobs Midnight in Paris

Welcome to  a very difficult polish. Unique bottle with a great brush? Check. Great color? Check. Amazing one coater? Check. Photographs color accurately? No check.

Sephora describes this polish as "a collectable nail lacquer inspired by the magic of a Parisian night in a chic blue shade for the holiday season. " Midnight in Paris comes with a keepsake box, and a miniature storybook. The box adds a nice touch, especially if you are giving it as a gift. The storybook doesn't add much to the product in my opinion, and I wouldn't really say it was a story, more of a couple of facts about Marc Jacobs.

See the swatches after the break!
For my swatches I didn't have any outside sunlight, so all photos had to be taken indoors. However, if there's interest, I can definitely re-swatch and use sunlight. All pictures are taken with one thick coat of Midnight in Paris, with no topcoat.
Lightbox with flash (silly reflective bottle)
Lightbox with flash
Lightbox with flash

Lightbox, indirect lighting
Under fluorescent lighting 
Yellow lights, no flash (look how shiny!)
Midnight had an amazing formula, and is a one-coater if you use a thick coat. If you tend towards thinner coats, then you'll need two thin coats.

One of the cool things about this polish (and annoying things) is that it is not a straight up navy blue. It almost has a little bit of green and a muted dusky greyish quality too. It makes it unique to my collection, but also makes it hard to describe.

Marc Jacobs Midnight in Paris is a creme, and has faster than average drying time. I definitely recommend picking it up, or asking for it for the holidays!

Brand- Marc Jacobs
Name- Midnight in Paris
Finish- Navy blue creme
Size- 0.43 fl. oz.
Coats for Opacity- 1 thick, 2 thin
Original Price- $24.00
Current Price- $24.00
Similar Alternative-
Where to Buy- Sephora exclusive



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  1. thanks for the swatches! i was wondering if you could please take more and if you think this polish has any dupes. do you think it's similar to essie's bobbing for baubles?