Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Butter London Brass Goggles

Today's Butter London from the Steampunk Ball Collection is called Brass Goggles. Brass Goggles is the only glitter of the collection. While there are tons of glitters floating around out there, I'd say this one is pretty unique.
Lightbox, no flash
Check out the swatches after the break!
Brass Goggles had a great formula, and was easy to work with. I did not have to dab glitter on, nor did I experience any cuticle drag. For the swatches I did three coats of Brass Goggles on the pointer, middle, and pinkie fingers. On the ring finger I used one coat of Brass Goggles over two coats of Full Steam Ahead. I did not use topcoat.
L- Direct sun no flash, R- Direct sun w/ flash
L- Outside shade no flash, R- Outside shade w/ flash
L- Lightbox no flash, R- Lightbox w/ flash
Butter London describes this shade as "Semi-sheer, black and gold foil glitter." The glitter is many different shapes and sizes including: small gold and black hexes, gold shards, and tiny black bars. I really love this one, especially the fact that it can be worn alone or layered. 

I'll have some swatch stick comparisons posted soon, but my camera is dead at the moment. Let me know if there are any specific colors you want me to add to the shot in the comments below!

Brand- Butter London
Name- Brass Goggles
Finish- Glitter
Size- 0.2 fl oz (not available in full size)
Coats for Opacity- 3 (as seen in photos), 4 (fully opaque)
Original Price-$39 for a set of 6 minis ($6.50 each), or part of the Gears & Gadgets Ultimate         Lacquer Collection for $150 (24 minis, $6.25 each)
Current Price- $39 or $150
Similar Alternative- Coming soon :)
Where to Buy- Butter LondonMacysbeauty.comUlta

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