Friday, October 24, 2014

Butter London Baroness

Hey everyone! My mom has been in town, so I've been hanging out with her. While she was here my new polishes from the new Butter London Steampunk Ball Collection arrived. That means that I have 9 new polishes to show you! My nails have been a little worse for wear lately, so my mom generously donated hers for 5 of the polishes.

First up I have Butter London Baroness. Baroness is described as an opaque burgundy metallic.
L- Lightbox no flash, R- Lightbox w/ flash
See the swatches after the break!
Baroness had a great formula, and required two coats for coverage. The finish, however, is a little bit streaky.

For the swatches I used Butter London Nail Foundation as a basecoat, and no topcoat.
L- Direct sun no flash, R- Direct sun w/ flash
L- Shade no flash, R- Shade w/ flash
L- Lightbox no flash, R- Lightbox w/ flash
Baroness is available only in "fashion size" (0.2 fl oz) and only as a part of a set. I'm not thrilled by this. In order to get all the new releases from the Steampunk Ball Set I had to purchase two different sets, both overlapping to my collection, and even to each other. The company has been only releasing new colors in minis (they would totally make more money if they offered full size) and they only release them as sets. They also have been recycling colors, so if you buy the Steampunk Ball Collection Set ($39 for 6 minis) you'll only get 5 of the 9 new colors, the sixth is from a previous collection. The only way to get the rest is to buy the Gears & Gadgets Ultimate Lacquer Collection for $150, and even then you only get 5 new colors (2 the same as the Steampunk Ball Set).

I'll have some swatch stick comparisons posted soon, but my camera is dead at the moment. Let me know if there are any specific colors you want me to add to the shot in the comments below!

Brand- Butter London
Name- Baroness
Finish- Opaque burgundy metallic
Size- 0.2 fl oz (Not available in full size)
Coats for Opacity- 2
Original Price- $39 for a set of 6 minis ($6.50 each), or part of the Gears & Gadgets Ultimate         Lacquer Collection for $150 (24 minis, $6.25 each)
Current Price- $39 or $150
Similar Alternative- Coming soon :)
Where to Buy- Butter LondonMacysbeauty.comUlta



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