Thursday, October 30, 2014

Butter London Barkers

Barkers is probably my favorite of the polishes that my Mom helped me swatch from the Butter London Steampunk Ball Collection. Barkers is described on the Butter London website as an "opaque, grey with magenta-green shimmer."
L- Lightbox no flash, R- Lightbox w/ flash
For the last two polishes in this swatch session, the light really started to fade. You'll see the orange-red of the setting sun in the first swatches after the break.
Barkers had a smooth formula. All swatches are two coats of Barkers with no top-coat.
L- Direct sun no flash, R- Direct sun w/ flash
L- Outside shade no flash, R- Outside shade w/ flash
L- Lightbox no flash, R- Lightbox w/ flash
As I said previously, this was definitely my favorite of the five polishes swatched. From the formula, to the coverage, to the uniqueness, it definitely did not disappoint. If it ever becomes available in full size, I will definitely purchase it.

Though Butter London describes Barkers as having a grey base, I feel it is more of a greyed out olive base. It has very prominent and noticeable green and magenta shimmer.

I'll have some swatch stick comparisons posted soon, but my camera is dead at the moment. Let me know if there are any specific colors you want me to add to the shot in the comments below!

Brand- Butter London
Name- Barkers
Finish- Shimmer
Size- 0.2 fl oz (not available in full size)
Coats for Opacity- 2
Original Price- $39 for a set of 6 minis ($6.50 each)
Current Price- $39
Similar Alternative- Coming soon :)
Where to Buy- Butter LondonMacysbeauty.comUlta

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  1. Its a pretty grey base color. I think my stamping template matches this.