Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stash Saturday- Dior

I'm going to start having Saturdays as the days I show parts of my stash. I've already showed you my Butter London's, and this week I'll show you my Diors!

I've been working on my vintage Dior collection, but I also have some current Diors.

Here they all are, check out my favorites after the jump!
It's weird. I feel like I have a ton of Diors, but then I see them in this picture, and I wonder where they all are. Hmmm.

L to R- Sparkling Mauve, Crystal, Golden Jungle 148, Reflects, Yacht, Gris Trianon, Dune, Bengale, Exquis, Bronze Libertine
New World Purple, Aztec Chocolate, Alexa, Silver Lake, Metallic Silver, NY 57th, Party Dazzle, Trench, Sienna
Lavender Blue, Forget Me Not, Lilac Colorvision, Perle, Sugar Cane, Indian Saffron, Violet, Silver Purple, Czarina Gold, Amazonia Crackle
Amazonia Crackle, Waterlily, Lime, Pampille, Nymphea, Saint Tropez, Nirvana, Lagoon, Electric Blue, Sailor
Sparkling Blueberry, Black Ink, Night Shock, Rose Freesia, Rose Boreal, Cosmo, Aloha, Mango, Acapulco
One more. This is Dior Diva. It doesn't fit on my shelf, so it was hidden in my Melmer.
If you go here you can see one of my previous posts where I swatched Electric Blue.
L-Electric Blue. R-Sailor, No Flash
L-Electric Blue, R-Sailor, With Flash
Sparkling Blueberry
Sparkling Blueberry is a long retired Dior. I was super lucky to snatch this up on eBay a few months ago. It's comparable to Chanel Ciel De Nuit (super lemming of mine), and Essie Starry Starry Night. I've got the Essie, so I think I'll do a comparison post with Sparkling Blueberry at some point.
Dior Perle
Dior Perle might be one of my favorite Diors, which is weird since I'm not usually a pink fan. It is a wonderful layering polish, but also beautifully subtle on its own. On the left I layered Perle over a black creme (it's shown by itself on top), and on the far right is Perle on its own. I love wearing Perle by itself, no top coat. I use three thin coats, and it dries to a matte finish.

Are there any you want swatches or comparisons of? Let me know in the comments below and I'll hook you up!

Hit follow on the right to see more of my stash next Saturday. I'm thinking of showing my A-Englands or Chanels. Not sure yet.


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