Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Indie Tuesday- Takko Lacquer Wanderlust

It's Tuesday, which means that we made it through Monday!

Today I have swatches of Takko Lacquer Wanderlust. Wanderlust is a muted dusky lilac polish with a strong teal shimmer. It's gorgeous, but also a pain to photograph. I had a difficult time getting the photos to be color accurate.
Lightbox, with flash
Takko Lacquer describes themselves as an earth conscious, vegan, and big 3 free brand. I bought my bottle of Wanderlust in late 2012, and it has no sinking, separating, or fading issues.

In my swatches I used three thin coats, and no topcoat. I did have a slight issue with pooling at the edges of my nails, but it was alleviated once I got used to the formula.
Lightbox, with flash
Check out the rest of my swatches after the break!

Outside, direct sunlight
Outside, direct sunlight
Outside, shade
Outside, shade, indirect light
Lightbox, with flash
Lightbox, with flash
Brand- Takko Lacquer
Name- Wanderlust
Finish- Dusky Lilac Crelly with super teal shimmer
Size- 0.5 fl. oz.
Coats for Opacity- 2-3
Original Price- $15.00
Current Price- $25-ish
Similar Alternative- None that are super similar. If you're craving a similar base color, Butter London No More Waity, Katie is the same dusky violet. If you are looking for heavy shimmer, other Takkos will satisfy that. RBL Reveillon is a gorgeous blue with heavy pink shimmer, so sort of the opposite of this in a way... Also check out Contrary Polish Purple Smoke- it's not the same but for some reason it reminds me of Wanderlust.
Where to Buy- Takko Lacquer can be purchased on their website here for $13. Wanderlust can be bought through Storenvy, Blog Sales, and Facebook

So, what do you think? Will you be hunting around the web for this one? Let me know in the comments below, and don't forget to hit follow for more great swatches (hint- this Thursday I'll feature a vintage Chanel).


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