Saturday, August 30, 2014

Meet Mochi

Hi guys! You've met Kava, so now it's time to meet my kitty-cat Mochi. Mochi is around 6 years old (I adopted her from the Humane Society in Vermont, and they were guessing her age), and she's just about the sweetest cat ever. She looks like a miniature Holstein Cow, and is a Bobtail (which is great because I never accidentally step on her tail).
Mochi loves helping me polish. Her 'help' usually involves getting fluff stuck to my nails.
Mochi and her cow twin.

See a million photos and learn more about Mochi after the break!

I found her in the anti-social cat room, a room for cats that don't like people. The problem is that she had been there for two years, with people constantly labeling her as a distant, aloof cat. However, she ABSOLUTELY LOVES EVERYONE! She's super cuddly, and a purrer (to the point that when vets try to listen to her breathing and heart, they have a hard time getting her to shut up).

A picture of when I first met Mochi (named Patches by the Humane Society). Clearly she isn't anti-social as was claimed...
So, she's super friendly, will grab on to anyone, and loves to hang out with new people. The downside? She's got health issues. She can't go outside or be around other cats, and takes pills everyday. But we're working with it. She probably has a shortened life-span, and many more vet visits ahead of her, but she's a keeper.
She may not be allowed outside, but she loves to look :)
When I first got Moch (I call her Moch for short), she hated the vet. She needed an x-ray so they put her in the Pet Positioner Wedge used to position pets and keep them from rolling away during an x-ray. When they bought her back to the room, she was still sitting in her wedge- she had refused to get out. Apparently this magic blue $80.00 wedge is what it takes to make her a calm, cooperative, good-at-the-vet cat. Naturally, I bought her her very own wedge. It's the best money I've ever spent, and I would highly recommend the wedge to anyone with a cat who misbehaves or is scared at the vet.
Wedge in use at home. 
Apparently this is a comfortable position...
Mochi in her wedge. And her Angry Bird. 
Mochi is very strange in her ways. On the way to the vet, we always need to have treats, her wedge, and her Angry Bird toy. Until recently, this was the only toy she would play with. Only this one. So now I have about 5 backups. She also went through a period where she would only drink running water from the tub. The most consistent thing about Mochi is her love of scritches. She gets super into them, to the point of falling off the bed if we aren't careful.
About to fall off due to love of scritches.
Mochi and Kava both moved with me cross country. We weren't sure how good of a traveler Moch would be, but she took to it really well. She mostly just slept on my lap or looked out the window all day. She didn't yowl or anything. Kava came too, and was a great travel-bunny, as usual.
Clingy-cat at the hotel after a long day of travel. 
Mochi and Kava getting ready to hit the road again!
So now you know Mochi. She's a sweetie, and would love to see some pictures of your cats (if you have them) or any other fur-babies you may have! Post them below! (Maybe we'll even send an awesome treat to the person with the best photo!).

<3 Austen and Mochi!


  1. Here's my furbaby Django - he is best friends with my boyfriend's ocicat!

  2. What a cutie! My bat eared mostly german shepard cooper is at the end of this post.