Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dior Electric Blue

I'm currently looking for a new job (anyone know of anything in AZ?), and it's taking up a lot of my time. My cuticles have suffered recently, so I thought that I'd get my blog back and running with some old swatch pictures that I dug up!

Here's Dior Electric Blue. It's part of the Anselm Reyle Collection. It was available for $23, but it is no longer in stock. However, there are some excellent alternatives such as Dior Sailor, and the old version of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.

Electric Blue is a awesomely amazing bright creme polish. It has an excellent self-leveling formula, and goes on like butter. I used two coats for opacity. The Dior brush is large and flat, and because I have narrow nail beds, I could cover most of my nails in only one stroke.

Name- Dior Electric Blue
Finish- Creme (though slightly jelly-ish)
Coats for Opacity- 2
Original Price- $23.00 for 0.33oz
Current Price- $42.00 on ebay
Similar Alternative- Dior Sailor
Where to Buy- Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer can be purchased online and in high-end retail stores. I bought Electric Blue online directly from the Dior website. Electric Blue is no longer available for retail sale, but can be found on blog sales or on ebay.


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