Sunday, March 13, 2016

Eye Shadow Pressing

Hey everyone, long time no blog :p

Anyways, I've recently gotten into indie makeup, especially eyeshadow. Most indie shadows come in loose form, and since I'm a total klutz and not great at manipulating loose shadow,  I've taken to pressing it.
Assemble your materials. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Just placed my order on Sephora using the 20% off discount. But hurry! It only works through tomorrow (11-10-14)!

Use code GIFTVIP for 20% off. To receive an additional 4% off, shop through Ebates (I never buy online without shopping through ebates first).

Ebates is currently offering 4% back on Sephora purchases. If you don't have an Ebates account already, click HERE to sign up! I usually get about $10-$30 paid into my Paypal every three months.

Ebates works as a referral website. Ebates gets paid by companies for store referrals, and then gives its users a percentage of their profits. Cash back percentages range from 0.2% (Apple) to up to 50% (Proactive). Most beauty websites give you a return of 4%- 10% of your total purchase. There are always double cash back specials, as well as website coupons, and other offers. It's free to sign up, and free to use.

Comment below if you grabbed anything during the sale!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Butter London Bric-A-Brac

Bric-A-Brac is the last of the 5 polishes that I swatched on my mom. It is a full coverage red with "flaring shimmers in saffron red gel-like base" as described by Butter London. This is the only polish in the Steampunk Ball Collection Fashion set that is not a new color. Bric-A-Brac was originally released with Brick Lane Collection, and then released in full size. 
L- Lightbox no flash, R- Lightbox w/ flash
This is a beautiful glow-from-within polish, or as my mom called it a "Ruby Slippers polish." You can see this in the swatches after the break.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Butter London Barkers

Barkers is probably my favorite of the polishes that my Mom helped me swatch from the Butter London Steampunk Ball Collection. Barkers is described on the Butter London website as an "opaque, grey with magenta-green shimmer."
L- Lightbox no flash, R- Lightbox w/ flash
For the last two polishes in this swatch session, the light really started to fade. You'll see the orange-red of the setting sun in the first swatches after the break.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Butter London Brass Goggles

Today's Butter London from the Steampunk Ball Collection is called Brass Goggles. Brass Goggles is the only glitter of the collection. While there are tons of glitters floating around out there, I'd say this one is pretty unique.
Lightbox, no flash
Check out the swatches after the break!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Butter London Full Steam Ahead

This is one of my favorite Butter Londons from the new Steampunk Ball Collection. It's called Full Steam Ahead and is a gorgeous grey cream.
L- Lightbox no flash, R- Lightbox w/ flash
This was my moms favorite of the collection. We ended up doing a full mani with Full Steam Ahead after we finished swatching.

See the swatches after the break.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Butter London Pinkies Up

Today is Butter London Pinkies Up from the Steampunk Ball Collection.Pinkies Up is described by Butter London as an opaque pink shimmer. I would describe it as a champaign color that could be considered a neutral.
L- Lightbox no flash, R- Lightbox w/ flash
See the swatches after the break!